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Through our portal we provide career, HR, and training services for the development of international career paths of individuals and companies.

Start from here to define the next step in your career: which country works best for you? In which company you are most likely to thrive?


Why Wexplore

For Individuals

We focus on your career

We are the only career consultancy to look at the job market from a global perspective. Here you can find the answers to your career ambitions and soar towards new horizons.

We care about your life

Preventing culture shock, estimating the taxes in a new country, starting over a new life…Wexplore takes into consideration all these aspects that are part of #yournextchange.

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For Companies

We focus on your business

Every company faces international challenges that need to be turned into opportunities. Wexplore provides solution to reduce external complexity and to map internal processes and know-how, improving business effectiveness and performance.

We care about your people

We facilitate the change and daily development of people, to nurture their skills and favor the sustainability of every activity. We don’t settle for the one-shot solution, but we aim to improve the overall employee experience.

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