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Great, you have found your destination…but getting there is easier said than done!

“When in Rome do as the Romans” the saying goes. This implies not only speaking a different language, dining at 9.30 in the evening or getting around only by bike. This is about all the obstacles between ourselves and our future goal, which ultimately depend on not having a clear picture of what to do and whom to talk to.

Which CV should I use? Is it enough to browse LinkedIn and Indeed or are there other websites I should know about? What kind of contract and compensation can I expect? What kind of environment will I find and what will my colleagues be like?

Fear not: VIC, our Virtual International Consultant, will take care of all these doubts!

Let her advise you and provide you with the right coordinates to navigate this vast ocean until you reach your America! (or France, Switzerland, or Scandinavia, if you prefer…)


How does it work:


Access directly through our portal with 3 simple steps:

1) complete your registration

2) select a country from the library

3) start your journey with VIC with 9 milestones that will walk you through each step of your job search process, from preparing your CV until your departure.

Included you will have a personal report with all the details of your conversations with VIC.