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The first virtual consultant that manages your internal policies and facilitates interactions among colleagues


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Think about a typical day in your HR team: think of all the requests and repetitive queries you receive around the clock that absorb so much of your time.

Think about specific moments of your company life, such as the onboarding of new hires or the performance review time of the year, where conveying the technicalities is just as important as conveying the best approach, so that people can be at ease and interact confidently and smoothly with their boss or colleagues.

Think about the opportunity to make training agile and interactive, freeing it from the boundaries of a training room or from the passiveness of watching a video; generating a learning on the job instead.

Think about the challenge awaiting for us as HR professionals and experts: shifting all those processes on a digital platform to ensure people can work from remote with the same effectiveness, satisfaction, and commitment of pre 2020.

And now imagine that you can have one simple solution to all these challenges: allowing to share information 24/7, to constantly update and customize know-how, and to provide relevant analytics to have visibility of your teams even at a distance.

Imagine a consultant accessible 24/7, able to simplofy the employer-employee relationship and to improve employee experience

Imagine this consultant is also able to analyse and aggregate every interaction, providing punctual and constantly updated analytics to help you identify the key challenges for the company and agile and responsive solutions before they become critical.

This consultant exists and is called VIC – Virtual Interactive Consultant: she is your best ally to ease the day-by-day and at the same time allow to draw a strategic map of people processes.

How does it work:

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