Find Your Ikigai

Work at the time of Covid-19


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Let’s be clear: from 2020, the world will not be the same anymore; work will not be the same anymore; we will not be the same anymore.

This is the moment to answer all those questions stemming from the post-Covid scenario: to have more clarity about ourselves; to turn around an unfavorable employment situation; to give ourselves the chance to do the work we’ve always dreamed of; or to be ready for the next frontier of employment: remote work.

Were you expecting your contract extension but coronavirus has halted everything? Were you preparing to join your partner abroad but got stuck at home during lockdown? Are you tired of sending CV after CV and not getting any response? Find out Wexplore’s solution for your “next normal”

“Find Your Ikigai” is our answer to Covid-19: it’s an agile 4-step consultancy designed for whoever needs to rethink, redefine and plan strategically their next career move; and whoever wants to be fully aware of their own potentials and hone their ability to be effective and productive on the job market.

Additionally, if your company has a convention with Edenred, you can access through the Easy Welfare portal!

How does it work:


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