Global Orientation Test

The test to set the compass towards your future…because the best journey starts with you!


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This innovative career GoogleMaps will help you to define your destination and plan your next career move ensuring you don’t miss your road or get stuck in traffic.

In this fast paced world in which competition grows every day, you might be tempted to accept the first job offer you receive, because you believe you can’t get any better, or because you don’t know yourself well enough yet.

How can I make the right choice in starting a new job? How can I find the best environment to grow and to lay out my future? How do I know which place is right for me?

To get a first impression, try our exclusive Global Orientation Test – because the best journey starts with you!

Let’s find out the type of company and the region that best match your profile – and for an in-depth analysis, you can go to the next level.

Fed by our algorithm and by constantly updated market data, our Global Orientation Test Pro will zoom in the top countries in Europe where you will be more employable and where your talent can truly shine. What are you waiting for? Try it now!


How does it work:


Three easy steps:
1) sign up
2) answer the questions
3) download the report and discover in which setting you can be at your best and in which countries your skills can be appreciated.


Our virtual consultant will guide your through a customized journey to start building your one-of-a-kind international profile. Answer the virtual consultant’s questions and download the report with the top three countries in which there is more demand for your skills.