Virtual Consultant

The first AI-based consultant providing support on global team and people dynamics.


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Imagine your company has just opened a new branch in Hong Kong, and you need to assign a manager to launch the business and manage the local team. Imagine your manager fails, and after 3 years the branch has still not reached break even.

Imagine you are about to promote a young potential who will manage a mixed team of Indians and Americans to work on the release of a new product, on which shareholders have huge expectations. Imagine that after 6 months the team hasn’t been able to release a prototype, and the mood is so tense that your brilliant associate, close to burnout, has announced her resignation.

Imagine you are tasked to launch a career acceleration program targeting young graduates worldwide, to create a pipeline of candidates with the technical skills necessary for your business. Imagine they don’t seem to perform as expected: the feedback from their managers is not positive, and this jeopardizes the approval of a second edition of the program.

And now imagine that for each of these cases you had been able to know exactly when and how to intervene.

Imagine a consultant accessible 24/7, able to converse about and with multiple countries to smoothen daily pitfalls with global stakeholders

Imagine this consultant is also able to analyse and aggregate the answers of your people, supporting management to grasp the key challenges for the company and to identify agile and responsive solutions before they become critical.

This consultant exists and is called VIC – Virtual International Consultant: she is your best ally to ease the day-by-day and at the same time allow to draw a strategic map of people processes.


How does it work:

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