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Custom career services for all professionals, from the fresh graduate to the experienced manager, who want to shape their future


Overcome all boundaries and get ready for your next professional challenge.

For you who are about to start your professional journey, and for you who look for a different path.

For you who are accomplished in your career, for you who took a wrong turn, for you who want to grow and you who want to start over again. For you who are looking for a change but want to be equipped to face it. For you who are not scared to play hard, but want to shape the rules of the game.

For you who want the right key to unlock the job of your dreams.

Wexplore is for the citizens of the world, for those who know that going abroad means growing and becoming stronger.



Find out your international professional profile and start from here to define the next step in your career: which country works best for you? In which company you are most likely to thrive?


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Career Ready – powered by VIC – Virtual International Consultant

Great, you have found your destination…but getting there is easier said than done! Luckily you can count on a great buddy to find out where, how, and to whom you can address your CV. Come and meet VIC.


Career Coaching – Career Boost Program

If you want to look in a deeper way at your market fit and professional journey, contact us for a custom consultancy.


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WOW - Wexplore Original Webinar

Forget the usual e-learning! Top managers and entrepreneurs open up the doors of their professional home, and sipping a virtual coffee they open new scenarios and spark our imagination.



What makes us unique

Internationally native

We are the only platform dedicated to international career services

Digital and Human DNA

We are the only solution matching the efficiency of Artificial Intelligence with the human touch of a network of +50 countries to ensure you achieve your objectives

Agile and custom approach

Modular and flexible solutions to align to your needs

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Straight to the goal

Maximise the chances to land your dream job: avoid wasting time, resources, and energy sending random CVs

Free your talent

Increase your attractiveness as a global talent: find out how to best present your skills according to your profile and to your target country

Shape your future

Be the leading actor of your professional success: the best moment to conquer new heights is when you are at your peak

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