Wexplore for your people

The success of every company depends on the extent to which it enables connections between increasingly diverse and remote teams to perform at their best and succeed in an ever-changing world


It’s not a matter of size, industry, or location: global effectiveness is not a challenge for an elite of few players, but an imperative affecting us all.

Coronavirus has represented an unprecedented spark for a “new normal” and a new digital approach to our work: when remote teams are not just those distributed across multiple time zones, but those who sat side by side until yesterday; when meeting at the office will be a choice and not an obligation; when individuals must act rapidly and adjust to a distributed and diffuse way of working, effective connections between people in the same organization become the real asset to channel energies, commitment, and productivity.

If you want to improve business efficiency, improve your employees’ experience even from remote, and have a constant measure of the priorities and needs of your teams, then Wexplore is the right partner for you.


Digital HR

The first virtual consultant that uses machine learning to improve knowledge sharing and optimize the work of the HR team.


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Training & Consulting

Wexplore leverages its global expertise to create the best synergy between digital experience and human experience through workshops or coaching sessions.


Diversity & Inclusion

The most complex teams are without a doubt those richest in cultural diversity. Wexplore is specialized in empowering people to become global professionals and to create value through their differences.


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What makes us unique

Digital and Human DNA

We use a human technology to develop trust, shared values and objectives, transparency, and to facilitate remote work.

Research-based Methodologies as Business Platform

Proven scientific methodologies to support individuals and companies in their need to be agile, fast, and effective.

Internationally native

We combine the agility of a start-up with a global mindset and a presence in over 50 countries.

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Information Accessible Just-in-Time

A 24/7 support with the most relevant and useful information to work from remote and simply the employee experience.

Save time and energy

Free your HR team from all those repetitive tasks that take up 80% of your time and bring 20% added value.

Knowledge sharing and knowledge growing

Seamless communication with your people wherever they are, and an effortless and ongoing update of your internal know-how through our consultant’s machine learning

Plug-and-play tool

We take care of everything: rapid set-up time and seamless integration in your company systems.

HR Analytics and Insights

Find out in real time your people’s pain points, to know how and where to intervene and measure the impact of each action.

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