Wexplore for your people

The success of every company depends on its people, and on the extent to which they are enabled to succeed in a multicultural and constantly changing world


It’s not a matter of size, industry, or location: global effectiveness is not a challenge for an elite of few travelers, but an imperative affecting us all.

If your business is present in multiple countries; if your managers interact with and manage remote teams; if you are investing in expanding your business abroad and are sending out key profiles to strategic locations; if you seek to attract, train, and retain global talents and skills; if your organization depends on diverse backgrounds and generations for its success; if your company is going through a post-merger phase…

…if your business is going through any of the above, then Wexplore is the right partner to win these challenges.


Virtual Consultant

The first AI-based consultant providing support on global team dynamics.


Servizi-Consulenza-Wexplore - Wexplore

Training & Consulting

Wexplore leverages a global network of top HR services and intercultural experts, to create ad hoc solutions without borders.


WOW - Wexplore Original Webinar

Forget the usual e-learning! Top managers and entrepreneurs open up the doors of their professional home, and sipping a virtual coffee they open new scenarios and spark our imagination.


Servizi-Aziende-Wexplore - Wexplore


What makes us unique

Internationally native

We combine the agility of a start-up with a global mindset and a presence in over 50 countries

Digital and Human DNA

We have applied Artificial Intelligence to the HR world to provide users with quick feedback and support management in complex decision making processes, while maintaining empathy and human relations

Research-based Methodologies as Business Platform

Our proven scientific methodologies turn culture into a managerial tool and strategic business asset with immediate application

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Just-in-Time Consulting

We have taken training out of the classroom and placed it beside your people: we provide a 24/7 support whenever they need to unlock and clarify those obstacles to the growth of your business and to their own professional development

Unleash resources and energy

We support the company through data-driven strategies that are people centered: our format allows to take full advantage of the potential of both technology and consulting

Circulate and update your know-how

We enable you to find out in real time your people’s pain points and the solutions they craft for themselves. This allows you full visibility as to where to act and how to consolidate the alliance between people strategy and business strategy

Agile and custom approach

Flexible and turn-key solutions for populations ranging from 10 to 100,000 employees and multi-country specific adjustments

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